How to Clean Your Laundry Egg Casing in 12 Steps or Less

How to Clean Your Laundry Egg Casing in 12 Steps or Less

Today we are going to show you how we clean our laundry egg casing. There are many ways to clean them but we’re going to share what is currently working for us.

Mind you, we’ve had this first blue laundry egg since 2014 (almost 10 years ago) and we haven’t exactly thought of cleaning our laundry egg shell covers until today. As you know, life can be super busy with taking care of our children and running our businesses at the same time, so please don’t mind how dirty it was. 

And that is why we want you to clean it as often as you can so it doesn’t go as filthy as ours. But if you are in the same boat as us, we’re not going to judge you because we totally understand :).

The good news is, we’re not only going to show you how to clean your laundry egg shell covers. But we’ll also show you how to separate the good pellets from the old ones and then top up with new refill pellets into your clean laundry egg shells. 

Over the years, we’ve since used multiple laundry eggs which we will switch them up now and again as we do our washing. We have also replaced our pellets with new pellets several times in a year but it is our first time washing the shell covers, as it is the very first laundry egg we’ve had. 

So let’s show you how it’s done today!

How to Clean Your Laundry Egg Shell Covers in 12 Steps or Less

how to clean your laundry egg shell covers

1. Open up your laundry egg

Firstly, open your laundry egg by clicking on the button and then twisting the top lid to the left.

Open your laundry egg

As you can see - how filthy the shell is and along with months and months of not replacing the pellets. Before you deal with your pellets, let’s get your laundry egg shell casing clean first.

dirty laundry egg and mineral pellets

So make sure to pour out all of your pellets into a bowl first (any type of bowl you want).

Pour contents of mineral pellets into a bowl

2. Fill up a bucket with warm water 

Then, fill up a bucket of warm water.

Fill up the bucket with warm water

Make sure the water is on the hotter/warmer side because we’re going to use some whitening powder with it. The whitening powder works better with warm water rather than with cold water.

Use Global Soap whitening powder

3. Use a heap tablespoon of whitening powder

If you don’t know already, we LOVE using the Whitening Powder from Global Soap. We use it for so many purposes and this is one of them. It will not only help loosen up the dirt and grime, but it will help give your shell casing covers a nice clean and whiten the white areas of your covers

So use a heap table spoon of whitening powder and tip it into the bucket of warm water. You will hear the water start to fizzle. 

Use a table spoon of Global Soap whitening powder

4. Soak your laundry egg shells 

Once the water starts fizzling, put your laundry egg casing into the bucket and let it soak for 20 minutes. Remember to agitate the shell casing around the bucket as well. This will help loosen all the dirt and grime from the laundry egg casing.


You will noticed that all the dirt and grime will start to loosen up and surfacing on the water like in the image below:


So while the laundry egg shell casing are soaking, let’s get back to your pellets. 


Back to Your Pellets

If your pellets look like this, this is what we encourage you to do.

Firstly, pour out all of your existing pellets from your laundry egg into a bowl. This will allow you to clearly see which pellets are good and bad. See the next step.

Pour contents of old mineral pellets into the bowl

If your pellets are still new and clear, then skip this step.

5. Separate the good pellets from the bad ones

Then, separate all the mineral pellets that have turned dark, black or stone-like in a separate bowl. The original colour of the mineral pellets are usually white or whitish grey.

The small dark-grey stone-like mineral pellets also indicate that they have stopped dissolving which means they need to be thrown out (in your waste) and replaced with new mineral pellets. 

This is what they look like (good and old pellets) in the bowl:

Old mineral pellets in a bowl 


These are the old, dark and stone-like pellets which have been separated from the good pellets. If your pellets look like these, they have to be thrown out into your general waste.



And these are the mineral pellets that are leftover which are still usable along with the dark tourmaline pellets. As you can see, they are not many left but the tourmaline pellets are still in good shape. We usually do cold washes and that’s why our dark tourmaline pellets usually lasts us a LONGGGG time. 

Good mineral and tourmaline pellets


Back to Your Laundry Egg Shells

6. Rinse your laundry egg shells

Once the 20 minutes of soaking is up, agitate the egg shells in the bucket to loosen up the extra dirt and grime from the shells.

Then rinse them under cold water or soak them in a small bucket of clean water to remove access residue from the water with the whitening powder solution.

You will noticed that most of the dirt has come off. But there are still some dirt left on the edges of the shells.

Remove the laundry egg cases from the bucket

7. Brush your laundry egg shells

If that’s the case with yours as well, then use a brush or a toothbrush (old or an unused one) and brush the insides and the edges of your laundry egg shells with some clean water in a small bucket. 

Extra soap is not necessary because the dirt will come naturally right off because the shells have been soaking in the warm water earlier. 


8. Rinse them under cold water again

Then rinse the shells under running cold water again to remove the excess dirt. You will noticed that the shells will have a clean, streaky shine as you run them under the cold water.


9. Dry them both

Next, get a clean towel and dry the egg shells. 

Don’t they look much better now? Almost as good as new. Not quite, but almost :)

Super clean laundry egg shell covers


Refill Your Laundry Egg

10. Put the old reusable pellets back

Next, put the old leftover pellets back into the bigger part of the egg shell cover.



11. Top them up with new pellets

For a full 50 washes top up, you can use all the contents in this laundry egg refill pellets box below. Use 1 x packet of tourmaline pellets and 2 x packets of the white mineral pellets


In our case, we only have to top up with 2 x packets of the white mineral pellets because our tourmaline pellets are still intact and usable. But feel free to top up with whatever you need for your laundry egg. 


If you’re topping up the tourmaline pellets only, make sure that there’s no tourmaline pellets left. Only top up 1 x packet at a time because that is all you need.

12. Close the lid and resume washing!

Once everything is topped up. Close the lid.

Align the arrows together and twist the top lid to the right. Once you hear a “click” sound, it’s fully closed.

Your laundry egg with new pellets are now ready to be used for your next wash. Happy laundering!



When is the best time to clean your laundry egg casing?

If you're not sure when to clean your laundry egg, follow these tips below:

  • If you've been using the laundry egg 3-4 times a week for 3 months or more
  • If you started to see some grime, dirt and residue left on the sides and corners of the casing
  • Regular laundry egg user: If you haven't clean your casing for 1 year or more


So in summary, once it’s time to clean your laundry egg casing:

  1. Make sure to empty your laundry egg and put your existing old pellets aside in a bowl
  2. Soak your egg shell covers in warm water with a scoop of whitening powder for 20 minutes
  3. While waiting, separate the good pellets from the old dark mineral pellets. Skip this step if your pellets are still new.
  4. Rinse your egg shell covers with clean water and scrub the insides and edges with a toothbrush to get the excess dirt off
  5. Top up with new pellets after it is nice and dry

I hope this simple step by step instructions with images will help you to clean your laundry egg casing when they become dirty in the future.

Let me know in the comments if this method has helped you in any way. Also feel free to share in the comments about how you personally clean your laundry egg casing as well.

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