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Ecoegg Laundry Egg Refill Pellets (50 washes)

Ecoegg Laundry Egg Refill Pellets (50 washes)

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The Laundry Egg Refill Pellets – the clever way to refill your egg!

When your Laundry Egg is finished don’t throw it away – reuse and refill with a new pack of mineral pellets!

The 50 washes refill pack will last you up to 50 washes.

Please note that the 50 washes refill pack will also include the tourmaline pellets.

You also can purchase the tourmaline pellets separately here.

IMPORTANT:  This product does not include the laundry egg. Please do not buy the refill pellets unless you already own an Ecoegg Laundry Egg. Remember you should not throw away your existing tourmaline and mineral pellets. Only replace the white mineral pellets when they have not dissolve for a long period of time.

Laundry Egg Refills

To fragrance or not to fragrance?

All refills are available in our hypoallergenic and Allergy UK endorsed Fresh Linen and Spring Blossom fragrances. However if your skin’s the sensitive type then our Fragrance Free pellets, endorsed by the National Eczema Society UK, is just what you need.

The 50 washes contain two bags of mineral pellets and a bag of tourmaline pellets. For an average family doing 3 to 4 washes a week, our refill pellets should last you approximately 3 months.

Never buy detergent again – now that’s CLEVER washing.

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