Tourmaline Research

What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a naturally occurring element, part of the silicate group. It occurs in many
forms throughout nature and has a multitude of beneficial properties which can be applied
to many different applications. In this case, we are looking at its ability to assist the laundry

We acknowledge that using tourmaline alone would not give satisfactory cleaning results.
However, the combined effect with the mineral pellets does prove more effective than with
the mineral pellets alone.

The following research articles confirm our R&D findings.

Tourmaline proven to change pH of water

This research article by Mei-Sheng Xia , Cai-Hong Hu and Hong-Mei Zhang of Zhejiang
University in China finds that Tourmaline has the effect of increasing the pH of water.

The full report is available here.

High pH water helps to dissolve organic matter

This study from Autralia’s ‘Lanflax Laboratory’ into the effect of pH in laundry use shows

“High pH (alkaline) has the ability to dissolve organic matter (sweat, blood, food)”
It goes on to find that “high pH is beneficial for removal of organic matter from clothes”.
The full report is available here.


In conclusion, it can be seen that Tourmaline raises the pH of water, which gives the water a
greater natural ability to dissolve and remove organic matter from clothing.

This has been substantiated by our research findings when developing the Ecoegg. The
effect of Tourmaline usage, together with the mineral pellets present, increases the cleaning
efficacy of the Ecoegg.

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