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PM2.5 Disposable Mask Filters (Set of 10)

PM2.5 Disposable Mask Filters (Set of 10)

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The PM2.5 Disposable Mask Filters is to be used together with the cloth mask for extra protection.

Key Features

  • Adult: 12*8cm
  • Child: 10*7cm 
  • 10 pcs per bag
  • Disposable mask filters (change every 7 days and if used often, change every few days)
  • Material: 5 x layer filter which consists of:
    • Meltblown cloth layer x 2
    • Activated carbon layer x 1
    • Anti-sticking non-woven cloth layer x 2

How to Use

  • Stretch your mask
  • Insert the PM2.5 filter along the opening inside layer of the cloth mask
  • Or if there is no opening, just place it in the middle directly on top of the inside part of your mask
  • Directly cover your nose and loop the bands over your ears
  • Adjust your mask and make sure it's fully covering your nose and mouth
  • Fix the nose clip to your nose (if your mask have one)
Use together with our face masks here.
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