Tips for Washing Cloth Nappies

Tips for Washing Cloth Nappies

These tips and tricks will help remove tough odours, stains and prolong your cloth nappies using our laundry egg. Since the Ecoegg Laundry Egg is a natural detergent alternative, it doesn’t have a strong fragrance to remove tough odours especially if you opt for the Fragrance Free option. So follow these tips to help you achieve the best result for your cloth nappies.


  • Remember to always follow the wash care instructions on the manufacturers label.
  • Always do a quick rinse of your cloth nappies to remove as much urine as possible before placing into your dry bucket. (This is absolutely necessary to remove strong odours from your cloth nappies)
  • Same goes with the number twos.. or poos. Remember to rinse or remove the poo stains out as much as you can before placing in the dry bucket.
  • Always fold back the hook and loop laundry tab’s otherwise they will damage your nappies in the wash. Unfolded laundry tabs are the major cause of fabric balding so please use them.
  • It recommended to use a liner (cloth or disposable) to protect your nappy being stained (poo or residue from nappy barrier cream) and will help getting rid of poo easier.
  • Before washing your nappies, always do a pre-wash either with just water or if you prefer, you could also use an eco-friendly pre-wash powder for those tough odours or stains. Or you could just use our laundry egg to do your pre-wash before doing the actual wash.
  • For tougher stains, you could also use an eco-friendly stain remover (follow the instructions of your stain remover if you have one) and wash as normal.
  • By using our laundry egg on your cloth nappies, not only it is good for the environment but it is also economical and does not leave any residue, leaving your nappies smelling clean and fresh. This will also help prolong the life span of your nappies. The Ecoegg Laundry Egg will naturally soften your nappies so you don’t need any fabric conditioner (fabric softener is not recommended anyway on cloth nappies). Plus it is great for sensitive skin – great on your baby’s bottom.
  • Our laundry egg is great to wash your cloth nappies in cold wash but if you continuously use nappy creams, I suggest that you wash your nappies in a warm / hot wash.
  • It is encouraged to wash your cloth nappies (at least) every 2 days and not longer than that. If you wash everyday, then ignore this step.
  • I recommend to line dry your cloth nappies as much as you can as it not only saves you energy but it will help bleach the stains out of your nappies and the UV radiation will help kill bacteria as well.
  • There is such a thing as over-drying your nappies in the sunlight. Try to avoid over-drying them (especially bamboo nappies as the heat will degrade the bamboo fabric over time) and it will feel a lot stiffer and not as comfortable for your wee baby to wear. As soon as they are reasonably dry, bring your nappies in.
  • On colder days especially in winter and spring – go ahead and use the dryer if you really have to (for your own sanity). Again, remember to follow the wash/dry care instructions on the manufacturers label if you can do so. Do not fret if you have to use the dryer because our Ecoegg Dryer Eggs can help shorten the drying time saving you time, energy and money, leaving your nappies fresh and fragrant as the fragrant sticks in the dryer eggs are infused with natural essential oil.


For more detailed instructions on washing cloth nappies in general, I recommend reading these tips from The Nappy Lady’s website. 


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