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Elegant Floral Cloth Face Masks for Women

Elegant Floral Cloth Face Masks for Women

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Style & Colour

Experience the comfort and protection in style with this elegant face mask.

Eco and budget friendly

A reusable face mask is the greener and sustainable choice, both for the environment and your pocket as it helps save you money and reduces your carbon footprint in comparison to single use, disposable masks.

Key Features

    • Material: Cotton
    • Measurements: 23*13cm (Flowers) or 18*9cm (Floral Pattern)
    • Feminine design
    • Stretchy and adjustable strap suitable for most people, one size fits all.
    • Does not include the extra layer inside to insert filter. Although you can still use it with a disposable filter if you wanted to.
    • The best companion for cycling, hiking and outdoor sports.
    • Can also be used as a mask to filter allergenic pollens and as a mask for cold/flu.
    • Use in winter to keep warm, windproof and summer as a sunscreen.
    • Quick-drying, breathable, comfortable and soft, 100% handmade
    • For better performance, the mask must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth, so that all inhaled air can pass through the mask
    • Great for any occasion or seasons
    • Great as gifts for yourself, friends or loved ones

Please note:  To wash your mask, please put it into a laundry bag before adding with your other laundry. For extra protection, use together with our face mask filters here.

Important: Face masks only help to reduce exposure and do not eliminate the risk entirely. Please ensure that you take the appropriate steps to protect your health and use this product carefully.


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