Cloth Nappy Users

Honest Reviews 

“I was chosen to trial the eco egg and I chose soft cotton. I was so excited when my eco egg arrived and when I opened the box there was this blue rubber egg about the size of an avocado with a bag of little pellets inside. I rinsed my nappies before putting them in my dry bucket as recommended so they were ready to wash. I put the cloth nappies in my machine and put the eco egg on top and ran my washing machine like normal. The bag that the pellets come in is biodegradable and disappears after the first wash. When the wash finished I went to check out the cloth nappies and I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was clean and fresh smelling and a stain on one nappy had even been lifted a little bit more. I spent quite a bit of time checking the nappies out because I was amazed at how well it had worked. The eco egg can be used over and over again and is really economical. Once you have the egg you only need to buy the pellet refills. My favourite part is how eco-friendly it is. The rubber and plastic that the egg is made from are 100% recyclable, the pellets are safe and natural containing no nasty chemicals, not tested on animals and covers a 10 year guarantee. I will definitely be buying a refill when needed and will continue to use my eco egg and will be promoting it to all my friends. Thanks for choosing me to trial the eco egg. One more thing in my life that is now eco friendly.”


Amy Turoa - Warrington, Dunedin



“Wonderful product, I have used this  in my son’s washing and his skin has had a massive changed its not as red, itchy  or raw. I would recommend Ecoegg to any mums who has got children with eczema. And after washing the cloth nappies a week with the laundry egg, the material is softer,  feels and smells fresher,  brighter looking. ”


Emma Johnson - Whakatane



“I’ve found the egg great for washes where he clothes aren’t overly dirty but have had to use napisan in dirty washes. I use MCN’s for my 2 children and have found that the egg isn’t the best at getting the smells out of these. I will need to investigate what I can add to the nappy load to sort this out. Generally though I am very satisfied with this product and love that this product is good for the environment as well as my babies skin. I plan to keep using the Ecoegg and will continue to buy replacement pallets.”


R James - Auckland



“I love the Ecoegg! So easy to just throw in the wash, no more powder residue on black clothes! It cleans our clothes, towels and MCN (modern cloth nappies) just as good as the eco washing powder I was using before. Some tough stains may still need a pre-wash soak (banana bibs!) but I had to do that anyway. I think it’s value for money and it’s great to know we are using less chemicals around our baby and better for the environment…win, win, win!”


J McClurg - Auckland



“We have a variety of washing requirements in our family – reflux stained baby clothes – sensitive skin – outdoor worker dirt loaded clothes – cloth nappies and/ – the normal variety of household washing. I have trialled the ecoegg in cold, warm and hot washs. The end clean is not altered by water temperature, and come out clean. The washer we have has no central agitator so find with jets of water plus the eco egg it cleans cloths very well and leaves a hint of fresh aroma from the spring blossom flavour. On the first use I found the water soluable plastic casing that held the laundry beads did not dissolve well, leaving remnants of soggy plastic on the clothes. On discovering this an additional rinse/spin load was required. Thus then resolved the plastic remnants. With our sons reflux we found he stained a lot of his clothes. With the eco egg we trialled different water temperatures to ser if pre treatment was required. Unfortunately our conclusion was that a pre wash treatment with a stain remover was required. But, additionally, the ecoegg offers complimenting products such as a stain remover to their range. We found, traditionally, several family member have reacted to various other wash powders but not so with the ecoegg beads. Overall we can happily say we are extremely impressed with the Ecoegg. We are looking to transition to using this permanently. Thank you once more for giving us the opportunity to trial.”


Amanda Bain - Thornton Estate, Hamilton