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“I love the concept of the Ecoegg and it worked well when the clothes were not very dirty and maybe just needed a bit of a freshen up. But when clothes were particularly dirty or smelly it wasn’t effective and I would have to rewash them. It has been great for those with sensitive skin in my family particularly my daughter as regular washing powder is the biggest culprit in aggravating her skin.”

- Suzy Wood from Cromwell


“I love the Ecoegg! So easy to just throw in the wash, no more powder residue on black clothes! It cleans our clothes, towels and MCN (modern cloth nappies) just as good as the eco washing powder I was using before. Some tough stains may still need a pre-wash soak (banana bibs!) but I had to do that anyway. I think it’s value for money and it’s great to know we are using less chemicals around our baby and better for the environment…win, win, win!”

- J McClurg from Auckland, Cloth nappy user


“I’ve found the egg great for washes where he clothes aren’t overly dirty but have had to use napisan in dirty washes. I use MCN’s for my 2 children and have found that the egg isn’t the best at getting the smells out of these. I will need to investigate what I can add to the nappy load to sort this out. Generally though I am very satisfied with this product and love that this product is good for the environment as well as my babies skin. I plan to keep using the Ecoegg and will continue to buy replacement pallets."

- R James from Auckland, Cloth nappy user  


“I’m a keen ‘eco-friendly-product-user’ so was very happy to be given this product to review. I did the washing machine ‘detox’ as directed. Considering my machine had never been detoxed in it’s six years, it came up beautifully – the drum actually sparkled. There was a bit of residual grime still in the agitator but that quickly came off with a little scrub. The ‘soft cotton’ fragrance is very subtle and not overbearing at all. My dry washing simply smells…’clean’.

My ‘dark wash of black tshirts came out great and more residue free which has always been a problem with my regular washing powder. I mostly do a cold wash, but also once a week wash my daughter’s bedding in a hot wash for her dust mite allergy. The Laundry Egg performed great at both temperatures. My egg says it will last for 54 washes. I am ticking them off to see if it lasts the distance. I suspect it will, and therefore it certainly does seem like a very cost effective option. “

- K Anderson from Auckland


“I love the idea of the Ecoegg, not only the savings in washing powder costs but also figuring that cutting out the harsh chemicals has to be better for your clothes as well as the environment. I found that the EcoEgg was useful for items that needed a light clean but didn;t work as effectively as my usual powder on a load with dirty clothes. I’m happily going down the halfway path of the Eco Egg for everyday general, with a boost of powder when we’ve had a messy dinner!“

- M Phillips from Auckland